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Silicone Bib

One of the biggest problems for parents is baby clothes that get dirty quickly. The use of aprons is one of the measures taken to prevent the contamination of clothes. It is useful to pay attention to some details about which baby bib you will prefer. You can also prefer silicone baby bibs in the process of transitioning to additional food.

Is Silicone Plastic?
Silicone is not plastic, but rather the purest, purest field of chemistry. The raw material of silicon is silica sand, which is also used in glass making. Silicone is obtained by liquefying this sand at high temperature and passing it through different processes. High quality silicone bibs do not harm baby health.

What are the Advantages of Baboo Silicone Bibs?
It has a very soft and flexible material.
Easy to clean.
It does not stain.
Thanks to the wide and open design of the pocket, the dishes fall into the pocket, not the floor.
It can be adjusted in four stages. You can comfortably use the same bib from the beginning to the end of the complementary feeding period.
It is very durable.
It folds into a pocket and carries anywhere.
They are pleasing to the eye with different color options.

You can safely use Baboo silicone bibs, which are plastic derivatives and do not contain any harmful chemicals, from 6 months to 4 years old.

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