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Newborn Baby Care

The period of approximately 1 month that babies go through after they are born is called the neonatal period. During this period, the baby tries to adapt to the outside world.

What Should You Pay Attention To When Caring For Your Newborn Baby?

  • One of the most important issues in care is nutrition. As long as there are no health problems, you should breastfeed your baby frequently.
  • Gas removal must be ensured after breastfeeding. While the baby is leaning on the shoulder, it should be hit from the waist to the back, that is, from the bottom up, and gas should be released.
  • You should always lay your baby with his head on his side. You can also use side pillows.
  • When changing your baby's diaper, instead of wet wipes, you should prefer water and cotton or wipes that do not contain harmful substances such as alcohol and paraben.
  • Cleaning should be done from front to back in baby girls.

    Another issue that you should pay attention to while taking care of your newborn baby is the choice of clothes for your baby. Choosing clothes for your baby

    • You should take care that it is made of cotton, soft and natural fabrics.
    • You should make sure that it is made of a flexible fabric that will not squeeze your baby.
    • The clothes that you will dress your baby should not be hairy.
    • Since the skin of newborn babies is very sensitive, you should definitely choose soft clothes that do not irritate and do not carry the risk of allergies.
    • In the first months, you should definitely dress your baby in gloves, socks and a hat. 

    Modal fabric, which is used in baby clothes and materials today, also falls into this category of healthy baby fabrics.

    WHAT is the Modal Fabric?

    Produced from beech wood, modal is a completely natural fiber with high wet and dry strength. It is highly resistant to abrasion. Moisture transfer property is very good. Fabrics knitted or woven with modal yarn have a soft touch.

    Baboo also used this fabric type, which is very popular in baby products all over the world, in its latest collection. In this collection, which is prepared using 50% modal 50% cotton fabric as roving, there are both stylish, basic and useful and long-lasting baby products such as bodysuits, trousers with these bodies, overalls, sets for hospital exits, and fitted sheets.

    In this collection, where functionality is prioritized, for example, the bodies are designed with double-stage snap fasteners, and the zipper and overalls in the hospital set have gloves that can be used by unfolding when desired. Elastic bed sheets are produced in sizes to suit almost any bed size. There are also sets with advantageous prices when you buy more than one product.

    Visit Baboo for the best clothes and other needs for your baby's sensitive skin.

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