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Privacy Policy

- Baboobabes undertakes not to give information about its customers and visitors to third parties and institutions. In case of any legal investigation, the information to be requested by the authorities through legal means is excluded from this commitment.

- The customer information registered in Baboobabes is only used for transactions related to the customer himself. Announcements, campaigns and information e-mails to be sent by Baboobabes are subject to customer approval.

- Communication security between Baboobabes customers and Baboobabes is provided with SSL certificates that provide 128-bit encrypted protection. Baboobabes customers can detect that encryption is enabled by the symbol or expression displayed in the address line of their browser, or by the phrase https://” in the address line.

- Baboobabes does not keep the credit card information of its customers in the store system.

- Baboobabes never requests information such as credit card, password via e-mail.