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Delivery Information


Baboobabes customer can place an order at Baboobabes every day and every hour of the week.

Baboobabes customer can use the Contact Form for the orders they want to cancel. For cancellation, please specify your order number in the "Subject" section of the Contact Form. Your cargo orders are not canceled and a return procedure is applied for these orders.

In case of delays that may occur in cases where the product or products you ordered are out of stocks of the supplier company, Baboobabes will contact the customer and inform him about the subject.

Baboobabes reserves the right to change/end product prices, information and campaigns without notice.

Baboobabes informs you at every stage of your order via the Baboobabes "My Orders" screen and via e-mail. Order statuses and descriptions are as follows:

Pending – Your order has arrived on Baboobabes and is awaiting payment.

Payment Received – Your payment has been received and your order will begin processing by the next business day.

Preparing Your Order – The products in your order are being supplied.

Shipped – Your order has been delivered to the courier company.

Completed – Your order has been completed.

Canceled – Your order has been canceled at your request or because your payment could not be received.

Product Delivery

In order for your shipment to be delivered smoothly, please check the accuracy of the address and telephone information you entered during registration.

Your orders are shipped within an average of four (4) business days after payment confirmation.

Cargo products are not delivered on weekends and public holidays, but the delivery of products that have been shipped on weekdays can also be made by the courier company on these days.

In cases where you do not receive your order, you can find out the order status by filling out the Contact Form or by calling.

The information of the stage of your order is notified to the Baboobabes customer via e-mail. You can also check the order status on the screen that comes up when you click on the "My Account" link on Baboobabes.

In your shopping, the shipping amount is added to the total order amount.

There is no delivery to the TRNC and abroad.

Payment Options

You can shop at Baboobabes with all Visa and MasterCard credit cards, via Bank Transfer or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).

For orders placed by Bank Transfer or EFT, the delivery process begins as soon as the relevant amount is transferred to Baboobabes accounts.

If the amount related to the shopping made by wire transfer/EFT is not transferred to the accounts within 3 (three) working days, the order is canceled.

Please contact the bank to which your credit card belongs, in case of provisional problems in shopping made with a credit card.