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FRIGG Daisy Rubber Pacifier - French Gray

by Baboo

All FRIGG products are designed and manufactured in Denmark with your baby's comfort in mind. The nipples are made of 100% natural rubber and there are no harmful substances such as B, PVC and Phthalates.

It meets EN1400 and A2 test standards.

Before each use, clean it by soaking it in boiled water for one minute or by pouring boiling water over it. It is recommended to be changed within 4-6 weeks for hygienic and safety reasons.

Do not put the product in the STERILIZATION MACHINE or DISHWASHER to clean it. These processes disrupt the structure of the rubber teat.

Check before each use. The product grows due to its natural structure. Do not use the pacifier if it grows larger than normal or is torn.