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Pink Gift Set - Modal Fabric Elastic Bed Sheet, Rabbit Rattle, Muslin Blanket

by Baboo

This advantage gift set includes 3 great items. Modal Fabric Elastic Bed Sheet, Organic Cotton Ring Rabbit and Organic Cotton 4-ply Muslin Blanket. These products, which are necessary for every baby, are also a very good option for pregnant mothers with an advantageous price.

The Elastic Bed Sheet is suitable for almost any size baby crib. Thanks to its rubber, it adapts to beds of different sizes. It has a wicked, flexible and very soft texture.

Width: 60/70/80/90 cm

Height: 110/120/130/140 cm

Suitable for beds.

Baby muslin blanket made of organic cotton yarn is made of 100% Organic Cotton 4 layers of muslin fabric. It is 120 * 90 cm.

You can wash the sheets and muslin blankets in the washing machine in the hand wash/delicate wash program with baby shampoo at 30 degrees. Do not put in the dryer

Organic cotton ring rabbit makes a sound when shaken because it is a rattle. It is hand washable, the wooden part can be used as a teether. It does not contain wool, feathers and any allergens.